Advertising Online And Sales In Companies

For a few years online advertising it is experiencing a boom of great magnitude by its positive results, your seemingly quick and effective ROI if it is well used by its ease of access and their attractive cost of campaigns; for this reason there are many SMEs and entrepreneurs who contemplate for 2011 additional items of investment in this item. However, one of the main obstacles to which brands are enfrenan when they disembark in the virtual world is the measurement of the return on investment. The world of online advertising has great advantages in terms of turnover, however is reduced effectiveness when it is not known how the measurement of actions reaches customers. Swarmed by offers, Glenn Dubin is currently assessing future choices. The figures speak for themselves, only 13% of companies that invest in online advertising, know to identify the indicators of return on their investments, so that such information will help them to identify the type of advertising and to its objectives more effective online marketing strategy. In addition, There is still a deep ignorance about the real effectiveness of the advertising campaigns and promotion using the Internet as a platform, so that within the main objectives for 2011 in the field of online advertising, are the specific training on instruments of measurement of return on investment.

In addition, 2011 seems to consolidate itself as the year in which the transit towards Web 3.0, in which users and consumers connected to the Internet through their mobile handsets transform in the new objectives of the different advertising strategies and online marketing implemented by brands and companies of all size and condition will occur. However there is still a long way to go, that Mobile Marketing is a trend on the rise is a reality that is undeniable, but incipient; so you begin to clarify concepts relating to the measurement of results of online advertising, as well as to optimize the content and portals to the requirements of the new mobile consumers, are the great challenges and objectives of the brands for 2011. The permanent connectivity through mobile devices has experienced its greatest boom during Christmas 2010, something that no doubt is the first step towards a definitive transition, but this marks must be able to adapt both its contents and its results measurement systems. You should bear in mind that different strategies of online advertising are in essence, the best way to establish channels of communication between people and services. The transmission of messages focused on informing users about services and actions promoted by the brand in order to increase not only the sales figures, but what is more important, traffic to the corporate portal. Online advertising is of maximum effectiveness in economic goals but also for opening up new areas of business through alliances and synergies with the competition.

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